Daily Color: “100 years ago, buying something you could make was considered wasteful; now making something you could buy is considered wasteful. I am not convinced this is a step in the right direction.” –Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Just finished, the Yellow Dog Cowl. 

This is the second scarf I have designed for Grand Isle Art Works using the marvelous sportweight South Hero Blend (50% mohair, 50% Leicester-Romney wool) from Yellow Dog Farm; the first was the South Hero Scarf I posted last week. 

Three skeins of yarn--one each of three colors--is enough to make both scarves. Both scarves are worked in linen stitch, in the round, but the South Hero Scarf is then cut and fringed, while the Yellow Dog Cowl is an infinity scarf.

The great thing about colorwork in linen stitch is that you never have to work with more than one color at a time! This slip stitch technique pulls stitches up from the previous row/round, thus effortlessly combining different colors in the same row/round.

The two colorwork patterns for the South Hero Scarf and the Yellow Dog Cowl are interchangeable, which allows for further variety. The knitting pattern for both will soon be available to purchase from Grand Isle Art Works, which also sells the South Hero Blend yarn from Yellow Dog Farm. Once the pattern is available I'll announce it here. And, if you want to learn how to make these scarves, I'll be offering a class at Grand Isle Art Works this fall (date to be determined).

This one is perfect for the kaleidoscope app; here are two versions: