A few days ago, in the home stretch on this linen stitch wrap, I realized I was playing yarn chicken.

Yarn: Kauni Effekt, fingering weight, colors EHA (grays), EJ (pink/mauve/beige), and EME (reds)

And I lost--the cream yarn ran out just a couple of yards shy of completion. But I had a good workaround, and so it is now, finally, off the needles.

This stole uses one of my favorite constructions: working in the round to create a flat piece. The necessary ingredient? Scissors. The key? A small section of stockinette stitch.

Here, I have bound off all the stitches EXCEPT for the stockinette section:

Now, the fun begins. I remove the needle from the stockinette section without binding off, so those stitches are still live, and then.... I unravel them:

The linen stitch section is unaffected. I wove in a guide thread at each end before beginning the unravelling to give me a visual marker just so I would be sure that I actually dropped all the stitches to the end of each row of the stockinette section, but because knitting builds vertically, not horizontally, the bound-off linen stitch cannot unravel.

Now it's time for the scissors:

I cut the unravelled section right up the middle, and what was once a wide knitted tube is now a flat stole, with lots of yarn spagetti fringe.

With my marvelous little Leclerc fringe twisting tool, I then twisted the fringe, two strands at a time:

Now all I need is a nice warm, sunny day so that I can block the stole outside. After that, I'll even up the fringe and take some good photos of the finished wrap.

Flag of Resistance April 30 - May 7, 2017:

Random resistance May 4, 2017: