Mid-September is bring the warm weather we never had during July and August. Once again, we're eating dinner out on the porch, sleeping with the overhead fan on, taking a swim in the river, and enjoying the tomatoes that are finally ripening with the late-season heat.

I reached my goal to have 100 small temari ready for upcoming art/craft and holiday fairs, though I suspect I'll make a few more before I'm done:

But for now I must concentrate on beefing up my inventory of larger temari...

Over the past few days I've done some necessary website maintenance work, revamping and updating all of my galleries and creating a new one for my Daily Resistance project.

Maharani, one of many temari just added to the Temari gallery page

I've tried to make the pages cleaner and more viewer friendly. If you want, please take a look at the Temari, Resistance, Made on Monday, Stitches, and Knits pages and tell me what you think!

Despite the unseasonable warmth, I'm getting ready for cooler weather. I've planned out several mixed-fiber scarves to bring a little brightness to the darker months ahead:

These are great fun to knit! I get to use wild and crazy yarns and, unusual for me, big needles, so they work up fairly quickly. I've just taken the first one off the needles:

Another sure sign of the changing seasons: my neighbor gave me these yesterday, fresh off her tree. I think a pear tart is in our future!

And, as always, the Daily Resistance continues:

Flag of Resistance, April 30 - September 17, 2017