As a response to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2017) I began a small practice of daily resistance: every day, I stitch the words THIS IS NOT NORMAL. For the first 100 days of the current administration, this took the form of small, themed pieces which I later assembled into the First and Second Cloths of Resistance, each comprising 50 days. Since day 101 (April 30, 2017), in addition to the occasional small themed piece and larger politically oriented artwork, I have been stitching Flags of Resistance, adding one iteration of THIS IS NOT NORMAL every day. I have so far completed the First, Second, and Third Flags of Resistance (through August 7, 2019) and am working on the Fourth Flag, and I intend to stitch as many flags as necessary over the coming days and years. The point of this resistance practice is not to suggest that there is some magical "normal" from which we have deviated and to which we should return, but rather to remind myself every day that we must not allow the current situation to become accepted as normal. Each week I will update this gallery to include the most recent in-progress photo of the current Flag of Resistance.