We had a big wind storm in New England a few nights ago. Sustained winds, and frequent massive (for us) wind gusts brought down trees and power lines throughout the region, leaving many thousands of people in the dark.

Including us!

Fortunately, our power was restored yesterday morning, and we reconnected to the Internet today. I've been spending most of the day taking care of all kinds of business that was impossible without electricity or wifi. How incredibly dependent I have become on these utilities, to run my life and to run my business!

It wasn't all bad. We had stockpiled water. We have a woodstove and so could keep warm, and a gas range so cooking wasn't an issue. A couple of coolers filled with ice kept our perishable food cold.

And we rather enjoyed our candlelit dinner, and cribbage:

But as I lay awake Sunday night listening to the howling wind I imagined it twice as strong... As I griped about being unable to flush my toilet or wondered whether I had enough water to make a second pot of coffee, or bemoaned my lack of internet and poor cell reception, I imagined having none of it, or even a roof over my head, for months and months and months on end. I imagined Puerto Rico.

And still I stitch, with or without electricity:

Flag of Resistance, April 30 - October 22, 2017

Flag of Resistance, April 30 - October 29, 2017