Daily Color: “Although babies rarely, if ever, express their pleasure at being dressed in wool, it is surely manifest when you dote on a small plump person soundly and contentedly asleep, swaddled in woolen sweater, woolen leggings and a soft wool bonnet, snugly tucked under a fine warm wool blanket.” –Elizabeth Zimmermann

My mission: to keep my niece's baby daughter Olive swathed in handknit woolens.

The pattern is the Imogen Dress by Linda Whaley, published in Little Rowan Cherish.

Neckline detail

I knit the size for 9 - 12 months (I hope it's big enough!) using Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn (75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon) in color 5637, "Cerulean." (It's somewhat more peacock teal than it shows in these photos.)

Picot hemline

Tomorrow, our extended family celebrates Russian Christmas (aka Epiphany. My mother-in-law is Russian Orthodox. It's a long story), and Olive will have a brand new dress!

Keyhole closure in back