Life has been intruding on art around here recently: lots of appointments and business to take care of, a show a couple weekends ago, bumper crops of tomatoes and cherry tomatoes and peppers and broccoli and more from the garden needing to be preserved, household infrastructure requiring attention...

In between appointments and freezing tomatoes and running errands and visits from appliance repairmen, I've been making a few things: a shawl, a couple of scarves, a temari or two, the Made on Monday stitcheries (but usually finished on Tuesday or Wednesday, if I'm being honest). Most are still in progress as I can only manage to fit in a row or two here and there, the occasional stitch or two or three before bed each night. So I've had very little finished work to show here--but here are some random shots of what I'm up to when I get the chance.

And as the seasons turn, a few September kaleidoscopes:

Hydrangea, the colors deepening from palest pink to rust


Ferns, fading from green to yellow to brown

The view through a rain-spattered window this morning