Daily Color: “…pressed deep into my mind, the river / keeps coming, touching me, passing by on its / long journey, its pale, infallible voice / singing. –Mary Oliver, “At the River Clarion”

Ripples on water... this one is based on a traditional Japanese stencil design, "tortoise and waves", from Andrew W. Tuer, "Japanese Stencil Designs," Dover Publications, 1967 (reprint of "The Book of Delightful and Strange Designs, Being one Hundred Facsimile Illustrations of the Art of the Japanese Stencil-Cutter," 1892)

To be honest, I'm not terribly happy with this piece. For one thing, the darker blue thread is too heavy, and overbalances the paler ripples; and I think I made that motif too large for the size of the piece. Still, I love the contrast and overlap of the motifs in the original, so I may try this again at some point. Live and learn!