After 429 days, the Third Flag of Resistance is done.

I began this one on June 4, 2018, day 500 of the current administration, and finished it yesterday, August 7, 2019, day 929. This flag follows the First and Second Flags of Resistance, and the First and Second Cloths of Resistance, which I began on Inauguration Day 2017. I have been stitching “THIS IS NOT NORMAL” every day since then. This practice of daily resistance is not meant to suggest that there is some magical “normal” from which we have deviated and to which we should return; rather, it is a daily reminder that we must not normalize the current situation, that we must not become numb to the daily—hourly—outrages being committed at the highest level of our government and throughout our country by individuals and groups who have been given voice and free reign by this President.

I designed this flag with triangular wedges, alternating red and blue stitching, converging in a blue disk stitched in white letters spiraling to a vanishing point in the middle, kind of like water spiraling down the drain.

Center, detail

The flag contains one deviation from the daily “THIS IS NOT NORMAL,” one point of light—November 6, 2018, which I marked by stitching “I VOTED” in contrasting red against the predominant blue of that wedge.

“I VOTED” detail

In anticipation of stitching the final phrase yesterday, I added a few finishing details—the legend, my stitched signature and date on the back, and a sleeve to accommodate the hanging dowel across the top.

Finishing details

I have put together a video comprising all the weekly progress photos from the last 14 months:

The Fourth Flag is marked out and ready to begin today. I estimate it will take about a year to complete.