As the days of August waned and bent toward September, we panicked. My husband was about to go back to work (he works in the schools so we live by the school calendar!) and my younger son, home for the summer, was getting ready to move to Boston to begin his first post-college real grown-up job. We decided we had to grab what was left of summer by the short hairs and hang on tight. And so began our Endless Summer Tour of 2018:

First stop: Hathaway Point, Kill Kare State Park:

I'm working on a new linen stitch wrap, Waterbound, so named because the yarns are all watery shades of blue and aqua, and I began it during our lakeside vacation in July. It is my current go-to road knitting, equally comfortable on land or water.

Second stop: Taylor Park in St. Albans, to catch some live rock and blues from No Left Turn

Third stop: more live music (Carol Ann Jones & The Superchargers), this time with picnic supper and a glass of white, at Snow Farm Vineyard:

On the way home, despite the fact that my husband had to start back to work early the next morning, we stopped at a quiet beach on South Hero so he and our son could take a quick moonlit dip in the lake:

Our garden, too, knows that summer's almost over, and we are well into harvest season for tomatoes, green beans, onions, and more. Every few days I have to take a break from the temari, knitting, embroidery, and playing to preserve the harvest:

With my son leaving in just a few days, we squeezed in a trip to Green River Reservoir (one of my most favorite places) for a day of paddling, swimming, and picnicking:

Finally, this past weekend we loaded (and I do mean LOADED) up the car and drove down to Boston to settle my son into his new apartment. But before we headed home again, we grabbed a day at the seaside--Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea. And so, along with lakeside breezes and hints of live music, I knitted some salt air, sand, and waves into my water-inspired wrap:

Home now, and the house is very quiet. My husband is well into his school year, and my son is getting familiar with his new neighborhood and learning the ins and outs of the Boston area public transportation system before beginning his new job next week. But even though the equinox is just around the corner and some of the earliest leaves are starting to tint toward yellow and orange, we've got some hot weather this week, and the garden is still producing in high gear, for a little longer anyway. Who knows, maybe we'll tack one or two more stops onto the Endless Summer Tour before autumn truly sets in...