Every day, the commentators and reporters on radio and TV, in print and online, describe the newest headline out of the White House as “unprecedented.”

The scandals, the tweets, the unscripted statements. The people. The policies. The actions, the reversals, the departures from sanity, and reality.

Things we’ve never seen from our head of state, from our government, ever before.



Around and below the profile—an empty black hole in the middle of the work—I stitched everything I could think of that is unprecedented about this administration. I know there’s more, and will be more, but it’s a start.

Last week while I worked on this I listened to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Much of the questioning concerned past legal rulings and Supreme Court decisions—precedent—and how much adherence to precedent would or would not influence the judge’s votes if he were confirmed to the Court. The irony of those hearings runs like an invisible thread through my stitches.

Unpresidented, verso