The knitting continues on the squares project:

Square 10

Square 11

I'm continuing to make this up as I go along, knitting one square while planning the next. Playing with shapes and colors while adhering to my rather arbitrary guidelines continues to both amuse and challenge me.

Square 12

Square 13

Though I haven't yet duplicated any squares exactly, I'm sure that sooner or later I'll revisit a design but work it in different colors entirely.

Square 14

Square 15

Square 16

All together now:

Four, squared

It's possible that I have bought more yarn, again!, for what was supposed to be a knit-from-stash project:

In truth, I expect I'll have to restock at least a couple more times anyway before I'm done; there are still many many squares to knit! But for now, that's good news, as this continues to be some of the most fun I've had with yarn in a long time--and I always have fun with yarn.