Temari and eggs seems like a perfect marriage, and I have seen some gorgeous ones in print and online. And I've made my share of them. But in truth, I find temari eggs far more difficult than spheres to design and stitch. I've made several recently, with varying degrees of success.

I'm happiest with this one: Pastel Diamonds

And I'm pleased with this one, too: Hashi

The name means "bridge" in Japanese, and I chose it because the stitching reminds me of cable-stayed bridges such as the Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge spanning the Charles River in Boston or the Pasco Kennewick Bridge in Washington.

The temari I make rarely look exactly like I first imagine them, but sometimes they fall far short.... like this one, Three Parasols. It is definitely not my favorite, but perhaps for someone out there, it will be just what they've always wanted...

And now, I think I'll go back to spheres for a while!