Dear followers:

I am having a little trouble maintaining "business as usual" here at Yarndance in view of the cascade of events since January 20th. I am disheartened and angry and scared. It is very difficult to lead a normal life and engage in my normal activities when everything in me is screaming that This. Is. Not. Normal. I am trying very hard to do the work I need to do in the larger sense (resistance!) as well as the work I need to do for my art and my business. My posts may be a little more sporadic, or a little more political, or a little more personal (like this one) than in the past. I appreciate that some of you may not wish to follow me anymore, and while I would hope that art might transcend politics, I know that it might not. I will continue to make pretty things, because putting beauty out into the world has to make a difference, but I will also make things that aren't pretty, because things are very definitely not pretty these days, and I will show all of this work here because I cannot stay silent. If you decide to leave this page, I wish you all the best and hope that we can once again meet on common ground, someday, and if you decide to stay, I thank you. Be loud, be visible, stay angry, and stay strong!

I have begun an ongoing daily stitching project. I intend, every day, indefinitely, to stitch the words "this is not normal" as an act of personal protest and to help to keep me from slipping into overwhelmed exhaustion and complacency. Eventually, I will join these daily stitchings into a larger cloth. Here is what I have stitched over the past several days: