Daily Color: “my dear, I have nothing to say. / my heart burns / like the evening sky.” –Sanober Khan

Mohair Cloud Infinity Scarf, available on Etsy

In time for Valentine's Day, my newest laceweight mohair linen stitch infinity scarf. This one's a mash-up of Infinite Colors and Candy Stripes, both patterns available for free. (The stitch count and circular technique are from Infinite Colors, the stripe sequence is from Candy Stripes.)

I worked the scarf in linen stitch, in the round, 325 stitches on US size 9 24" circular needles. The yarn is Cascade Kid Seta, a heavenly blend of 61% super kid mohair, 35% silk, and 4% merino wool. I used colors 16 Syrah (A), 36 Cerise (B), 15 Lipstick (D), and 40 Persimmon Orange (D). At 300 yards per ball, I have easily enough to make one or two more.

The fabric is light as a cloud, soft as a feather, warm as toast. The silk and merino wool mitigate the itch factor than can plague mohair, though I can't guarantee that someone who is sensitive to mohair wouldn't be bothered anyway. But if you're not sensitive to mohair, this yarn is incredibly soft and gentle. (It also sheds very little during knitting, another problem sometimes encountered with mohair).

By using relatively large needles with the mohair, linen stitch creates a marvelously sheer fabric. Held up to the light, you can see the graceful circular curves created by the floats carried across the slipped stitches.

I'm in love.