Daily Color: "The objects in front of you are flowers, but the subject is color." –Michele Cooper

Temari and flowers go hand in hand. The very nature of the embroidery is often, even if unintentionally, flowerlike.

I did not intend to stitch a flower, but once completed this one reminds me of a daisy or sunflower.

Sometimes, however, I very deliberately set about stitching flowers, or floral motifs. I have found inspiration in pansies, trilium, cherry blossoms. Though usually I embroider my temari with radiating, geometric designs, occasionally I choose free-form embroidery to illustrate flowers.

Flower garden temari, detail

Last winter, dreaming of apple blossoms...

...and wisteria

Occasionally, I try to depict a particular flower as realistically as possible. This temari was inspired by a photograph of a mariposa lily.

Mariposa lily

Today, this will by my inspiration:

Think I can do it?

Still deciding between the finer #8 perle cotton on the left, or the slightly heavier #5 threads on the right.