Daily Color: "I know well / that the June rains / just fall." –Onitsura 

It is June. The solstice is just around the corner. I am not a big fan of hot weather, but enough already with the cool, rainy days! In the garden, my vegetable plants are tired of wet feet, and I'm tired of wearing a scarf and sweater almost every day. Even if it's a nice bright one like this.

Linen stitch scarf in overlapping stripes. Pattern below.

Remind me of this when I am melting in the July heat.

Here's the pattern for the scarf:


Yarn: Hempathy (Elsebeth Lavold; 34% hemp, 41% cotton, 25% modal; 140 m/153 yards per 50 g ball), one ball each of five colors: 061 Kingfisher Blue (A); 067 Dark Turquoise (B); 058 Red Violet (C); 068 Tangelo (D); 059 Spring Grass (E)

Needles: US #9 (5.5 mm) 32” (80 cm) circular needle OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Notions: Two stitch markers

Gauge: 20 sts = 4” (10 cm) in linen stitch

Linen stitch (worked in the round) (slip stitches purlwise so that you do not twist the stitch!):
Round 1: *knit 1, yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back*; repeat * to * to marker
Round 2: *yarn forward, slip 1, yarn back, knit 1*; repeat * to * to marker

Color pattern:
*1 round A, 1 round B* 6X, 1 round A (13 rounds total)
Cut A, join C
*1 round B, 1 round C* 6X, 1 round B (13 rounds total)
Cut B, join D
*1 round C, 1 round D* 6X, 1 round C (13 rounds total)
Cut C, join E
*1 round D, 1 round E* 6X, 1 round D (13 rounds total)
Cut D, join A
*1 round E, 1 round A* 6X, 1 round E (13 rounds total)
Cut E

With color A and using a loose cable or knitted cast-on, CO 300 stitches; join in round. Set up: knit 12 stitches in stockinette stitch; place marker; work round 1 of linen stitch pattern for 276 stitches; place marker; knit 12 stitches in stockinette stitch.

Join color B (do not cut A!). Knit 12 stitches to marker; slip marker; work round 2 of linen stitch pattern for 276 stitches; slip marker; knit 12 stitches. Drop B, pick up A and continue as established, that is: work first and last 12 stitches of each round in stockinette stitch, and work middle 276 stitches in linen stitch. Alternate colors every round or cut and join new colors, as given in color pattern directions above.

When you have completed ALL rows of the color pattern and cut E, continue with A: knit 12 stitches; remove marker; bind off 276 stitches loosely (check frequently to make sure tension of bound-off edge matches tension of cast-on edge, tighten or loosen your bind-off as necessary); remove marker; knit 12 stitches.

Note that all stitches are now bound off EXCEPT for the 24 stitches in the stockinette section! (Refer to my album here for a visual explanation of the next steps)

Remove needle and carefully DROP all of the stockinette stitches. Fear not, the linen stitch section will not unravel! 

Cut the unraveled strands down the middle. You can twist the strands, two or four strands each, or leave the fringe as is. If you do not make twisted fringe, knot every two strands together with an overhand knot as close to the edge as possible, to stabilize the edges. If the fringe is too curly, wet the strands and straighten them, then trim to desired length when dry.