Daily Color: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Clare Boothe Luce

I've been so busy for the past little while, I haven't been able to work much on personal projects, so I was very pleased yesterday to finish up this little top. The fit is loose and easy, and the armholes fall slightly beyond my shoulders.

It's as simple as simple can be: laceweight yarn (Helen's Lace, 50% Tussah silk, 50% merino, by Lorna's Laces, colorway 504 "Lakeview"), US #6 24" circular needle. Cast on 216 stitches (I'd consider this a size small; cast on more stitches for a larger garment), join, work a few rounds in garter stitch, then work in stockinette desired length to underarm. Divide for front and back (108 stitches each, or half of however many stitches you cast on) and work flat in garter stitch for about 7" or 8", or desired depth for arm hole. Keep stitches live on both front and back and join shoulders (25 stitches each side; more for a larger garment) with 3-needle bind-off, then loosely bind off center stitches for neck opening. Weave in ends, block if desired (I didn't, this time). Voila!

I love how well this particular yarn matches my necklace, made by Mariscapes. I think I've got my holiday outfit all planned! Now I just need a party to go to...